I was born in Sussex, UK ... a war baby, which has been a big influence on my life - and songs. I lost both my father (war) and mother (cancer) before my 18th birthday.

In the RAF I finished my training as an auto engineer, but proved even more able as a sales adviser (Ford tractors), which I continued on my arrival in Australia in 1967.

Then with my partner, Jan, opened up an Antique shop, which occupied me for the next 20 odd years in Fremantle, Western Australia.

Song writing started monopolising my attention about nine years ago - luckily coinciding with the sale of our Shop.

I learned the Harmonica in the RAF and also taught myself the Button Accordion and the rudiments of the Guitar - but suddenly, travelling around Australia with Jan, the songs started to flow.

I’m very pleased that the songs haven’t stopped yet! In fact, I can’t get them all down fast enough . . . So I have had to improve my guitar playing and add assorted recording techniques to my repertoire of knowledge.

Along the way I’ve been privileged to meet and work with some great people. I’ve also managed to stack up a few assorted Awards, which boost my opinion that I can write a good song or two!

People have asked what do you get first - the melody or the words and I can’t give a constant answer.

I won a Nomination for my melody, "Waltzing The Moon". Six months later I wrote the lyrics. I have sheets / books of lyrics with no tunes - I think my Song God has decided my retirement will be busy!

My guitar must be in my hand to glue lyrics and music together.

I would like to hear how others get their songs!